The Non-profit Organization for Disabled “Miloserdie”

Our organization was established in 1989.The main goal was to represent and assist the disabled community of the region. Since then on, all our activities have been focused on that. Our membership counts  disabled adults, including  children. There are various disabilities represented in our group. The legal representative of the organization is the chairman of the Board. The Board holds the chairman responsible.

The organization offers various kinds of assistance.

We do a lot in providing the needy members with the humanitarian aid such as food and clothes. Actually, all our members are eligible for such an offer.

Due to various disabilities our organization deals with, we provide the disabled with various special equipment, such as crutches, wheel chairs, walking sticks, pampers, urine receivers, pampers and etc. Perhaps, one of the important things we do is offering the disabled an orthopedic service. Any person not necessary our member can be examined and consulted for free.

As a part of our services the amputees can order artificial limbs, we have a good contact with one company that specializes in making prosthesis’s.

We do a lot in the area of training and education. We have got an experience in teaching a computer and language courses. Up to now we had Estonian language courses only, but our great desire is to organize English language courses. In our work we put an accent upon cultural and sport life of the disabled. We do a lot in organizing the cultural presentations where the disabled participate or we invite famous people. Through a year we held lots of sport contests. Our organization is active in various kinds of sports such as, swimming, wheel chair racing, arm wrestling etc. We don’t only initiate sport contests, but we also take an active part in contests all over Estonia and abroad.

Our contact:

Post adress

MTÜ Miloserdie

Kesk str. 5-32

40231 Sillamäe


Adress ofisa. majakovski-12

Tel/Fax: +372-39-24378




Mr. Nikolai Dežin

The chairman of the Board/