I’m a chairman of a charitable disability organization “Miloserdie” in Sillamäe.

MTÜ “Miloserdie” was founded in 1989 and since then we have been doing our best to help numerous disable community of over  individuals with physical and mental defects. We represent many people with different types of disabilities and trying to make their difficult lives more simple, happy and easier. We would be happy to establish some friendship, relationship and cooperation with you to multiply our ability and improve our service to disabled people. We have some experience in organizing joint concerts, competitions, leisure activities with other Republican organizations. We would like to create a joint project dedicated to help the people, establish exchange program with similar organizations in your country, in other words we are opened to any kind of suggestions and cooperation. Our organization will be celebrating 30 th anniversary in May. We wish we could find someone from your country to start long-lasting cooperation that would be to a mutual benefit.

We know that every embassy in Estonia has consultants that can give some advice or suggestion concerning cross-border cooperation. We would like to invite your representative to visit our office in Sillamae or we could also consider a possibility of making an appointment with you for a meeting in Tallinn.

Please, look into our letter. We look forward to hearing from you.

We will be happy to arrange with the project, the competition among the people with physical problems such as an arm wrestling, sitting volleyball and also trips inside Estonia and abroad.

We will be glad to see here in Estonia visitors from any place and arrange joint competition, training, showing the country. We welcome any project, that could involve the people with physical difficulties, to give them the filling that they are not forgotten.

E-mail us and send any proposal for a project.

Greetings, we are grateful to you, that you have paid attention to us. We very much ask the help the finance, and transport that there was a possibility to carry invalids. We invite to visit our organisation. We will rejoice to any help, cooperation, friendship. We wait for you and yours the donation


You also will help the head and the organizer of this organization, I the invalid of army a problem movement helping you help us, much, invalids. We very much wait for your help. You can write piles a wish where and as we can spend your funds.

All the best wishes,



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