I represent disabled people organisation «МИЛОСЕРДИЕ» in Estonia, which was established in 1989. In this year we are going to celebrate out 29-th birthday. Our mission is to help people with a different kinds of disabilities in everyday life, in different kinds of difficult situations, organising their leisure hours. We have also children invalids whom 39 persons, they need to prepare gifts for Christmas. Adult invalids 470 and including I the director. By writing this letter I would like to ask about possibilities of Your financial help. We have already got some help from Your Embassy some years ago and that was really appreciated. I would like to improve the communication between us in order to have a better friendship and cooperation, and with your help, if possible, with similar kind of organisations on your side. We very much hope for your help a kind of the finance, invalid carriages, various adaptations. For example you can arrive to us with your doctor and treat our people can to show something and to learn us something to do. In general to be on friendly terms and co-operate. I very much wait your answer.

tel/fax +372 39 24378

372 56695200

Nikolai Dezin

Managing Director